So Here’s a Way to Reclaim Your Bribe Money

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The Andhra Pradesh government has come up with a new service in which the citizens can reclaim the bribe amount that they may have paid during the past few days. All they need to do is dial 1100.

By just making a phone call, the corrupt official can be encouraged to return the amount to the citizen. According to the claims made by the Andhra Pradesh government, this is surely the latest trend in the state.
This initiative was launched by the CBN government to make amends to the fact that AP was placed second in the list of most corrupt states of India with Karnataka hogging the first place.

According to Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu about 12 persons have returned the bribe amount paid to them by the citizens. He added that in one of the cases, a Panchayat secretary of Kurnool district actually returned the money taken as bribe to 10 of the citizens.

A few government functionaries said that the government’s initiative of People First Grievance Redressal Channel has surely worked wonders for the people while giving out enough warning signals for the officials who are corrupt.
P Prabhakar, a government advisor said that tremendous response has been reported to the 1100 call center. He added this is definitely a great initiative to cleanse the society of corruption and has already led to a number of officials returning the money that they had secured from the citizens.

On the other hand, a senior bureaucrat said that this is an initiative by the government to send a message to the citizens that they are well aware of their dilemma and that actions would be taken to help them get back their money that was extricated for them by the corrupt officials. He added that the government should also introduce inquiries to take actions against such officials.

It has been noted that the bribe money that has been returned to citizens amounts to INR 500 or 1000 and no notable actions has been taken against such officials. There is also no guarantee that the bribe amount will be returned to all the individuals who make the complaint. However, the government does assure them that they will be protected.



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