Happy Teacher’s Day – Five Reasons Why Teachers Make Us

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September 5th marks Teacher’s Day in most countries, including India. In our country, a teacher or a ‘Guru’ is paid the highest respect. Teachers form an important part of our life and society. They nurture, ingrain and instil values while our minds are still young.

We all will have that one favourite teacher who would have changed our thinking or life significantly. Even the minutest contribution made by a teacher in your journey of learning is forever remembered. Why? Because teachers leave a long lasting education that travels along with us till our graves.

Here Are Five Important Reasons Why Teachers Make Us

Teachers Impart Life’s Memorable Lessons

It could be anything – from a simple moral story to a great explanation of Bhagavat Gita. Teachers often impart life’s most memorable lessons that we tend to carry on to our next generations. These lessons are not just an end learning. They manifest into our thinking for good and affect the way we function in a society. A story of a hasty hare and steady turtle would have changed so many lives. Has it not?

apj-with-students Happy Teacher’s Day – Five Reasons Why Teachers Make Us

They Set Great Examples

Being a teacher is not easy at all. Imagine someone who stands by and for values day in and day out. They become teachers. The teachers and mentors set great examples to children and adults alike. Take the case of Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam sir. The entire nation and the world will cherish him for the kind of example that he had set.

apj-teaching Happy Teacher’s Day – Five Reasons Why Teachers Make Us

They Envision A Great Future

Teachers are selfless. They always envision great future for their students that results in the making of a greater nation. Teachers are always telling us to be and do better for the society that we operate in. They look ahead to see progress coming from their next generation of students. Abdul Kalam sir envisioned a developed nation till his last breath. He constantly aspired to motivate the young students on the same.

apj-tribute1 Happy Teacher’s Day – Five Reasons Why Teachers Make Us

They Lift Us In Times of Setbacks

Teachers have this magical power with them. It is called motivation. As students, we would have often felt low and hopeless. That tough albaebric equation, or a complex statistical problem. Our teachers would have simplified things for us and encouraged us to keep going. Most of us end up thinking of our favourite teacher even in the down low of being adults. That is the kind of influence teachers cast on us.

apj-lecture Happy Teacher’s Day – Five Reasons Why Teachers Make Us

Teachers Enrich Our Complete Existence

They are not limited to helping out with academic studies. Some of the teachers from this Nation went on to become great leaders and visionaries. Dr S Radhakrishnan, Dr APJ Kalam sir. The list goes on. Teachers have the power to enrich and drive the nation to think and work towards a progressive end.

If you have a great teacher in your life, go on and congratulate him or her today. For who knows, you are a better person only because of your Guru.

A Tribute To Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Sir – We Miss You



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