This Happiness Day, I Could Think of Only Jandhyala..

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Happiness means different things to all of us – clear and vague memories, small and big wins of life. For years, pursuit of happiness has been the main agenda for the human race. All of us seek the feeling in one way or the other. For me, happiness is Jandhyala.

Today is said to be the International Day of Happiness – people all around are making an honest effort to stay happy for this one day. Regardless of many tribulations and phases, all of us connect the feeling with something or someone. For the people of Telugu households, the late great Hasya Brahma Jandhyala continues to remain immortal with his impeccable and unbeatable healthy humor.

Why Jandhyala remains special is going to be a weird question to those who have known and tasted his visual comic splendour. Healthy laughter derived without an ounce of dirt or insult. Humor that has been derived from everyday atrocities of middle class lives, all while protecting sentiments and staying sensitive to situations and people in question. His musings reflected real life agonies with a dash of humor, letting people walk away with some more courage and perspective. In the prevailing troubled times, Jandhyala comedy is a priceless antique to cherish.That’s not all; almost all of his films end with a happy reunion of friends and family, enjoying a meal together forgetting all the petty differences. Happiness comes directly from such little yet huge things.

For those of us who have grown up watching Jandhyala films, happiness continues to be derived from them. After a hectic day, one can still go to bed chuckling after a re run of his scenes. We can forget the many troubles haranguing us and access some of the finest comic renditions that have not been affected by the changing times – there is still no match for Jandhyala’s level of writing and creativity.

I wish everyone happiness today. It has become a habit of sorts to watch a scene or two every given chance, just to reboot and feel alive. Live a little. Thank you Jandhyala Garu.



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