Guntur Pays a Fitting Tribute to Kalam Sir

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Abdul Kalam Sir. The name itself evokes the spirit of determination, vision and development for the nation. Kalam sir, who was known to have steered some of the largest scientific projects and missile missions for India, held a special place in the hearts of students. He loved to interact with students and know their asporations. The student community of India surely misses him.

The students of  Malineni Lakshmaiah Women’s Engineering College, Guntur paid a fitting tribute to Kalam sir. The students formed a human satellite launch vehicle, creating a record. This act has lifted the college name and the institution entered the Indian Book of Records.

As part of this human satellite launch vehicle, over 2,000 students arranged themselves in a grid that looked like a missile. This amazing grid is a captivating act coming from the students of the engineering background in AP.

This tribute may have created a record, but it had also conveyed one thing very effectively – India wants leaders like APJ sir regardless of the time and tide. These visionaries make a striking difference in the way the young India thinks.

Respect to APJ Abdul Kalam sir.





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