GST Ratification Session in AP Assembly – Main Agenda

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The three day session that marks the ratification of the Goods and Services Tax Bill, 2014 starts in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly today (Sep 8 – 10). After the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in May 2015 and by the Rajya Sabha in August 2016, the AP Cabinet unanimously decided to introduce the bill and hold a discussion.

Presided by the State Chief Minister, N. Chandrababu Naidu, the cabinet has also decided to discuss three other bills. This includes bill related to the Stamps and Registration Department, passing which will definitely keep a check on duplicate and double registrations. The other bill relates to making changes to the Registration Act, 1908 and covering up the loopholes that are allowing the fraudsters to have a field day.

The main agenda will consist of arriving at outcomes for the following important aspects


The next bill that the cabinet aims to discuss is related to the Value Added Tax that the three star and five star hotels in tourist places are required to pay the government. They also plan to bring down the VAT on mobile phones and set it to 5% by making changes to their VAT Act, 2005.


Plan will be to make changes to the ANGRAU Act, 1963 such that the privately owned agricultural colleges and polytechnics can get affiliated to ANGRAU aka Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University. Changes may also be made to the Y.S.R Horticulture University Act, 2007 which would help the privately owned horticulture colleges and polytechnics to get the affiliation to Y.S.R Horticulture University.

Merging of Electronic Policy and Internet of Things

One of the most important decisions that the Cabinet intends to make is to merge the two policies – Electronic Policy and Internet of Things Policy into one. It also plans to make a decision about constructing IT Towers spanning across 10 lakh square feet of land in Anantapur, Tirupati, Vishakapatnam and Vijayawada.

Floating Storage and Re-Gasification Unit

The cabinet is also planning to begin discussion on the proposal of constructing the Floating Storage and Re-Gasification Unit that would be a joint venture of AP Gas Development Corporation, Gas Authority of India Limited and AP Genco which is situated in Kakinada.



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