We Have Great Patience For Politicians With Lesser Intellect Than Him

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One question - has Lokesh been given enough responsibility yet?

One goes through a lot while coping with a gigantic shadow cast by his or her father. In an Indian scenario, fathers and sons have always shared a strange kind of peer relationship in the fields like films and politics. Abhishek Bachchan will vouch for that. Coming to Lokesh Nara, I quite do not understand the mythical doubt and cloud cast over his abilities. One question – has Lokesh been given enough responsibility yet?

In a democracy that tolerates the likes of Rahul Baba and co, Nara Lokesh is being treated rather unfairly. The son of great N Chandrababu Naidu may keep receiving fair share of criticism from his own father. But the fact of the matter is, Lokesh is yet to arrive in the scene to deliver 100 percent.

Jokes that keep floating about his abilities look more like wild fictitious imagination, derived from his subdued and mild persona. The Nara junior has been around the party and his father, trying to keep up what is being offered. His party speeches often reflect balance, deep thinking and composure. Does that mean that Lokesh Nara doesn’t have the so called ‘fire’? How many screamers in the scene are actually delivering, anyways?

So why is it that, Rahul gets to have a million chances with half knowledge and dim wit while Lokesh gets written off in the bud? Is it because his realistic composure looks too overwhelming for the state politics? Where we have endured the Pappus who cannot utter a word without their momma around, Lokesh still looks like a genius to try out.

Lokesh Nara need not retaliate any time soon. His recent position as MLC will open doors to further challenges and scope. The composed attitude need not be misinterpreted as ‘dull’ in this arena of confused leaders and chaotic leadership.

Give Lokesh Nara a chance. People who cannot afford to lose their thrill of cracking jokes can continue to braid each other’s hair and talk like gossip girls.



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