Google’s High Speed Internet Entry Into AP Will Take Things To The Next Level

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The day arrived with a pleasant update floating across the social channels and newsrooms. Google X, owned by the parent company Alphabet which us largely into experimental technologies is now ready to bring high speed internet to Andhra Pradesh. The company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to this effect with the state government, aiming to set up state of the art developmental center in Vizag. What’s new? X will churn out high speed internet that does not require special cabling.

The high speed internet that will be delivered using exclusive boxes that beam light is quite a sensation in the sphere of technological disruptions. This collaboration is way different from that of X’s earlier association with the state on Project Loon. We are looking at possibilities like ‘Free Space Optical Communications’, a powerful deployment of high end internet to all the 13 districts through 2000 FSOC links. Interestingly, the center planned to be established in Vizag will be second only to the headquarters in the United States.

While the government is working round the clock to bring technological investments into the state, the entry of Google X in this manner brings forth some really pleasant tidings. One, to think of the possibilities of such a technology and what it could do to enhance the capability and livability in the state. Google will enable empowerment of already running projects that require high speed internet. This for one, will greatly benefit virtual classrooms and Smart Village initiatives.

High speed internet will revolutionize the way people access and use technology for better lives. This association is timely and bound to open up further prospects in the sector.



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