Goodbye, Red Tape!! New Rules In Store For Velagapudi Secretariat

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The brand new secretariat at Velagapudi is all up for full and round the clock operations of all the departments starting October. The government has made all possible arrangements for the seamless movement of the staff from Hyderabad. However, this is not all. There are more enhancements ahead, even terms of operational values and outcomes.

AP  State government is likely to make changes to the AP Secretariat manual that suits the e-office, e-filing and other crucial requirements. The present rules were framed in the year 1965, even though amendments were very often and updated last in 2013.

No More Red Tape and Procrastination. Areas of Focus

Speedy Processing

The first and foremost issues has always been non structured format and constant delays in the movement of files. This has been greatly affecting the way decisions were made. In order to address the problem, the state government wants to bring down the turnaround time in the movement of the files, this without hurting the sentiments of employees.

Planning and Deployment

There are a lot of gaps that exist now in the system, with the latest incorporation of  e-office and e-files. The segregation of work to the existing and the new employees should be adjusted in a manner so as to bring everyone to level. Specific timelines for each file will be now allotted, along with accountability at every level. All this will in turn be integrated with the CM’s Dashboard.

Review and Amendment of Secretariat Business Rules

Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu had reviewed the amendment of Secretariat business rules with GAD officials, and soon outcomes will be finalised.

Red Tape, Major Concern

There is a serious concern about red tape. Making necessary changes to the business rules should fix this to a large extent. It is said that few files need not originate from section officer but it is religiously followed, which impacts decision making.

Stringent Compliance with New RulesThe government now looks ahead to the staff strictly applying with the new rules and comply in order to make their work more organised and efficient.



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