Good News for the Unemployed Youth of AP

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A stipend of INR 2000 each will be offered to all the unemployed youth in the state by the AP government till they find a job. The decision came in the wake of the fact that the youth population of about 12 lakh is unemployed. The decision to launch the scheme came about during the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet sub-committee meeting that took place yesterday. If sources are to be believed, the initial budget for this scheme is estimated to be at INR 500 crores.
The Minister for Youth and Unemployment Benefits, Kollu Ravindra said that though the date for launching the scheme is yet to be decided, the government is aiming to begin the program by the end of July.

He added that his ministry is still in the process of collecting data. According to him, though there are close to 12 lakh unemployed youth in the state, an age wise break up will be required for the scheme. They also need to ensure what skills these people possess, whether they are registered at various employment bureaus and exchanges etc. Only after they receive the detailed data will they be able to analyze the situation, in order to design a policy and take a decision about the amount of money that each unemployed person should be given every month.
He further added that before they designed a policy for Andhra Pradesh, they wish to take a look at the benefits provided to the unemployed youth of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal by their respective state governments.

As of now, the Tamil Nadu government is offering a monthly stipend of INR 500 to its unemployed youth while the stipend in West Bengal amounts to INR 1000-1500. If sources are to be believed, Andhra government is contemplating an amount of INR 2000 for its youth. This assistance will be extended to them for a period of 2-3 years with the first preference being given to people who are registered with the employment exchange for a span of at least five years. This benefit will be extended to only one unemployed member of each family.

While making this decision, a suggestion came forth from the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet sub-committee to inquire if these youth would be willing to do some voluntary work in form of community service in exchange for the stipend offered to them. The government may ask the people benefiting from this scheme to participate in various community development projects of the villages. The government intends to increase the budget of this scheme to up to INR 1000 crores. They have also allocated a budget of INR 398 crores for offering entrepreneurial training and development of skills of the unemployed youth.

Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, the State Finance Minister as well as the head of the sub-committee said that steps are being taken by the government to create more job opportunities and to offer training and skill development to the youth.

In its 2014 election manifesto, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) had promised a job to at least one member of each family and a monthly assistance of INR 1000 to 2000 to the unemployed youth of the state.



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