This Goliath Is Safer, Better Than the Davids of 60 Yrs

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People in this country seem to have a problem. They are not to be blamed, actually. The system had got on to us so much, that trust issues will be prevalent forever. We the People of this Swades have seen so much, endured so much, that we have become immune to a possible good change. So much that, even the slightest of effort made in that direction triggers major suspicion.

We have seen the Davids, and now, we are seeing a single Goliath who wants to end the problem. This Goliath comes with a baggage, he has a mysterious past. He has been branded and tagged as a big time ‘Rashtravaad’ who carries a silent agenda to end the minorities. Yet, this Goliath was unanimously elected by the citizens themselves. A sweeping victory, a remarkable win. Why?

The answer is simple. The Davids of this soil have been long tolerated. These Davids wear pleasant clothes, known to be greatly educated and flaunt an illustrious family connect. However, these Davids could not rescue the common man from his many plights – unemployment, corruption and malnutrition. In fact, these Davids have been keeping and breaking their promises, with surprising incidents of growing corruption in their own regime. So, what next?

Another well educated common man tries to step in the shoes. He stages those great Dharnas, wowing the middle class. He gets willingly slapped, and he accuses every politician there ever was in the country. Is he a David” No sir. Is he a Goliath? No, sir. He is just another Aam Aadmi who has silently succumbed to his own stupidity and vulnerabilty. He could have made better use of the golden chance offered to him in the form of good will. But he didn’t. Now, who’s left?

The Goliath is ruling us now, and he has declared an emergency situation with the sudden ban of big currency notes. The notes that are greatly used up in the broad day light for terrorist funding and scams. The notes that have initiated and abetted in committing of major crimes and conspiracies. To this effect, common man will have to tolerate a little bit of pain in the process of change management. This, we Indians cannot and will not stand up to. We have an issue about daily routine getting mismanaged and disturbed with the ongoing situation. What other choices have we got, honestly? We have put up with the Davids for six long decades and seen nothing, excepted the still ‘developing’ India.

The Davids are making noise, and so are common men. The Goliath is quiet, waiting to strike again, as the guilty souls breath heavily and wait with anxiety. There are accusations too, about the Goliath ‘bailing’ out some of his friends. We are prepared to lean on and rant on this issue, as against the great change that can be welcomed.

Nothing doing. Let the man do his job. Every pilot project will have flaws in the execution. Those who really see some sense in this whole proceeding will understand that an execution has been finally made against all the odds. After many, many years.

This Goliath with a questionable history and waiting to prove himself is still safer than the Davids who’ve been looting from under our carpet since 60 years, without conscience. Let him try. We have great tolerance levels, don’t we?



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