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The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N Chandrababu Naidu wants the new capital city of Amaravati to be at par with the global standards. While reviewing the progress of development of the city, he requested the officials in charge to find out if they can formulate plans to make it a city with only plug points and minus any fuel stations. He also encouraged them to get some advice from the experts as to how they can develop this city to be one that boasts of only battery operated vehicles.

The CM had recently interacted with Norman Foster’s team to discuss at length about planning and design of the people’s capital.
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Though all these ideas are the CM’s dreams, there is no doubt that the new state capital will be very different from all the other cities in the country. The drawings of the city comprise of various innovative features including navigational canals running around the city that will also be connecting it to an island in Krishna River.

The city of Amaravati that is located in the district of Guntur will be built across 217 square kilometer of land, housing some of the most incredible buildings, with 51% of the area being allocated to green landscapes and 10% for water bodies. The model of the city will be on lines of Singapore and the plans for the development and design are being prepared by two expert consultants from Singapore who have been appointed by the state government. Plans are on to rope in other global consultants and designers to add an international touch to the city

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As of now, Amaravati has the interim secretariat building that spans across 49 acres and which is presently a temporary home to the assembly. Major roads are being constructed around this area. With a budget of INR 58000 crores and a stringent timeline, it is believed that the city will become functional and be ready to welcome population only by 2024. According to experts, this will be the end of the second phase when all buildings, universities, business houses and hotels will be in place and operational. It is believed that the third phase of the city development will be completed only by 2029.



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