Galla Going Guns Blazing is a Good Sign of Things to Come

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When Jayadev Galla spoke, the centre shook from its roots. The state and the nation watched as he went on to deliver blow after blow, laying down facts as they were. Galla was composed, unabashed and carried through an impeccable flow of thought and emotion. This was definitely not the first one when the pleas of the state were laid before the esteemed members of Lok Sabha. But somehow, something was very different this very time.

The Telugu Desam Party MP from Guntur Jay Galla is well known for his balanced personality and ability to apply logic before rage. He is also known for his extreme business acumen. Andhra has truly lost its patience now, waiting for funds to come in, coping with being deserted on so many fronts. Galla proved to be one of the best people from the CM’s team to deliver the message one more time on a waging contingency, like Mercury from Greek Mythology.

“You can fool some of the people, all of the time, all of the people, some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time” he said, bearing a strong tone of courage that echoed the feelings of the state.

That was not all. Galla’s speech also showcased the strong stance the ruling party has been taking against the leaders who ‘represent’ corruption. “I did not name anybody” Galla affirmed cleverly, while stating that choosing a ‘poster boy of corruption’ as a possible ally means a serious lapse of judgment and morality coming from the ruling party in India.

The facts were laid with crystal clear truth in them. Some of the brutal realities were dug out of the carpet and laid on a platter for the GOI to digest, pushing them to face it all. The centre is already aware of the prevailing circumstances in the state and had been slow to respond to even the long memorandum presented the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu during his last visit to Delhi this year.

Galla’s approach is a must need for Andhra Pradesh. “It’s now or never, the people of AP are no fools”. True that. Some of the dynamic leaders are soon emerging from the pockets of conservative politics filled with close mindedness, hesitation and hypocrisy. Jayadev Galla showed to the world that he was not a ‘Yes Man’. He truly belongs to the section of dynamites.

His speech had put a significant pressure on the heads at the Centre. His repeated address to the PM and FM, listing down the problem areas and appealing for concentrating on their ‘ally’ has been well received by the people. Galla did not hesitate to talk about the pros and cons, that they are fully aware of the Center rendering them irrelevant. He made it a point to explain how such an attitude was a ‘lose all’ situation for BJP.

We need such young leaders today in the country, who are prepped to go with blazing guns when it comes to the welfare of people. Galla’s speech will be well remembered for years and elections to come.



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