Five Telugu Super Modern Moms Who Inspire!!

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Motherhood is precious. The most important phase of life for any woman. It is not easy to be a mom, and more so when a woman has to juggle between many responsibilities and still be a parent. Modern women have mastered this art with finesse in the recent times. They are like superheroes, who raise their little ones and run the empires. They lead the pack in the creative stream while busily overlooking their child’s most basic needs. Some moms are stunningly giving. They give up everything, including a lucrative career for their children, and come back with bang when the time is right.

Telugu community at large has seen the rise of some of the most fabulous super moms. These mothers are not just super. They are modern, raring to go, while not giving away the precious time spent with their little ones.

Here are five amazingly modern super moms from the Telugu households, leading the scene from where they operate.

Namrata Ghattamaneni

The Maharashtrian beauty who became an object of envy when she married the Prince of Telugu Cinema, Mahesh Babu. Namrata gave up an otherwise promising career to settle into her marital bliss. Namrata did not limit herself despite taking a long break from acting. She does a fantastic job raising her two children while overseeing all the operations surrounding her husband’s career and other business ventures. Namrata is now an amazing role model mom and an impeccable business woman with striking acumen.

Amala Akkineni

She is timeless and ageless. After marrying into the prestigious Akkineni family, Amala called it super quits to films. She gave birth to son Akhil, and started focussing on alternative path. This path includes running Blue Cross, doing social activities and elevating herself and others with meditation and Yoga. Amala carries an inspiring personality wherever she goes. She still grabs the attention, being called the one who stole the heart of the ultimate Manmadhudu, Nagarjuna.

Brahmani Nara

Here comes the lady of class. Nara Brahmani is all about intellect, power and astounding modesty. Despite graduating from the likes of Stanford and hailing from an illustrious family, Brahmani stays grounded, deigning to take on a possible political future. Blissfully enjoying her maternal sabbatical with son Devansh at present, Brahmani also oversees smooth running of NTR Trust. People constantly admire and look upon her as the next promising leader from the family. If that is on her agenda, certainly!

Renu Desai

When Renu Desai married power star Pawan Kalyan, there were celebrations, fireworks and expectations. People loved their chemistry, both on and off screen. But like most modern marital relationships, she gracefully separated from PK when things were not like before. This was her personal setback as well, but Renu Desai continues to grow and amaze as a person. Now a director and producer into Marathi films, Desai sets great example to her two little children. She shows modern mothers how to gain footing when the ground slides from beneath in life.

Neeraja Kona

She is the word Fabulous. Neeraja brought a new revolution of first class fashion into Tollywood. She has decked up stars like Samantha, Kajal and Rakul Preet. Neeraja continues to go great guns with her styling, while enjoying her new motherhood with baby boy Ansh. Neeraja Kona is the one rock star modern mom women can look up to as an inspiration. She juggles her time between her baby, work and home effortlessly.

Let us celebrate our moms. Let us respect the great pedestal called motherhood.

Happy Mothers Day!



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