Five Reasons Why Sankranti is a Way of Life for Andhra

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For the people of Andhra origin, Sankranti is not just a festival. The time of harvest in the resource rich land of greenery is all about love, sharing and togetherness. Stories have been told, films have been made with glamorous men and women and feelings have been showcased since ages to reflect this sentiment. For the state of Andhra Pradesh, Sankranti is very important festival on an emotional quotient.

Here are five reasons why Sankranti is truly a way of life for the people of Andhra

Time for togetherness

People of Andhra love being together. When it comes to the families of Andhra, sticking with each other and standing for the loved one during all phases of life is a priority. No matter how far the cousins, aunts and uncles depart, Sankranti brings them all together, preferably in their native village under one roof. This is precisely why even those NRI cousins and relatives jump at booking their air tickets to fly home for Sankranti.

Meaning of Love

Love for Andhra is also loyalty. Being firm and ever present for those that they love. Sankranti brings out the feeling, doubles up the occasion that becomes a forum of conveying the most important feeling on earth. People of Andhra place love at the prime pedestal for those who matter and once they do, there is no looking back.

Reaping the Values

The festival of harvest ends up being the ideal time of reaping values and sentiments. Andhraites cherish the values and principles that have been cast down from the generations above. This is the very reason why the families stay united no matter what the circumstances are. Sharing joys and sorrows and rowing the boat till the end is what matters to them the most.

Forgiving and Reaching Out

There are no enemies during Sankranti. Even the arch rivals come together to celebrate the festival of good tidings. After a game of ‘Kodi Pandhem’ and losing sizable money over poker, it’s the perfect moment to mend fences and start over. The festival is all about forgiving and reaching out to each other.

Contributing For the Greater Good

It’s a norm for the well to do families in Andhra to extend help in charity. This is the time to donate to the needy, be it financially or in kind. Contributing for the greater good, keeping aside other ongoing daily life problems. That’s Sankranti.

The festival of rich harvest in Andhra Pradesh is also an occasion for rich attributes and thoughts. Happy Sankranti to all the Andhraites across the globe.



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