Five Reasons Why Brahmani Nara Should Enter Politics

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Indian politics have always been about a combination of factors. Sometimes it was the family and legacy that ruled the masses, while the rest of the time was either about waiting for a natural leader or seeing one come and go. People of India revere and respect generations of political successors who aspire to take over what has been left to them. This section of families that flaunt political power running down the years, with a statement of autocracy, have always been a subject of deep interest.

Narrowing the scene to the political scenario in Andhra, only one name comes echoing into the mind when we talk about political families. The Nandamuris. While the great icon Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao ruled the hearts and continues to do so as an immortal example of an exemplary leader, his successors have mostly stuck to filmdom. Be it his scion Balakrishna or grandson Tarak, the most followed Nandamuris are continuing to carry on with their filmy sojourn. However, one name looks not only potential, but also promising to take the reins from where NTR had left off. That successor is NTR’s grand-daughter, Brahmani Nara.

Here are five reasons why Brahmani Nara Should Enter Politics

Viable Social and Political Standing

brahmani-fam Five Reasons Why Brahmani Nara Should Enter Politics

Full House – Brahmani with a family moment in US

Daughter of star Balakrishna and wife of Nara Lokesh, also flaunting the social standing as Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’ daughter in law, Brahmani represents the rise of female power in the laid back political families where women were mostly confined to kitchens, gardening and vain tea parties. Whether she can be compared with Priyanka Gandhi or not, Brahmani stands to qualify and come out to take over her grandfather’s epic leadership.

Grand Daughter of NTR

Brahmani-NTR1 Five Reasons Why Brahmani Nara Should Enter Politics

Doting grandfather NTR performing Anna Prasana to the little Brahmani

That representation is more than enough to turn heads, spread out the red carpet and welcome her decision making with open arms. Brahmani inevitably is the direct blood from Nandamuri and is perceived to carry off the inherent capabilities as a leader and a strategist. That being said, Brahmani is already known in the inner circles for her intellectual side, quiet demeanour and active participation while discussing politics with family across the table during dinner.

Perfect Positioning as CBN’s Daughter in Law

brahmani-CBN Five Reasons Why Brahmani Nara Should Enter Politics

Standing with her family all times – Brahmani with her husband and in laws

Brahmani has all the convenience thrown towards her direction, when we speak about her marital arrangement. Married into the family of none less than CM N Chandrababu Naidu, she is known to fully assist her family. Particularly her husband, Nara Lokesh, who is striving to take care of the Telugu Desam Party. What more, Brahmani is well adulated by her father in law on several occasions and is looked upon during the most trying moments.

Lucrative Following Ensured with the Masses

brahmani-press Five Reasons Why Brahmani Nara Should Enter Politics

Turning heads while speaking at the press conference of NTR Trust

This was clearly evident when Brahmani made a representation and spoke to the press on the NTR Trust. Hailing from the Nandamuri legion and carrying out the duties as the woman of the Nara house, Brahmani will have a lucrative and positive response if she decides to enter the Indian politics. What more, being adored as NTR’s grand child, she will get a great response from the masses who are a majority in following the Nandamuri political tide over generations.

Admirable Personality in the Political World, Well Educated

brahmani-top Five Reasons Why Brahmani Nara Should Enter Politics

Stanford it is!! With Lokesh Nara

Brahmani is known for her meritorious academics. While vying to pursue MBA, it is well known that Brahmani bagged seats in all the top four of US – Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg and Stanford. She chose Stanford.

There are very few woman politicians who come out to become the torch bearers, showcasing roots from conservative and classy political bloodline. Brahmani fits the bill in the current scenario, emulating knowledge, grace and premise. This would be the right time for the young woman who is enjoying her motherhood to start contemplating over her political future.

PS – Coming into politics is not about vying for power, it is about working towards uplifting of the masses at large and contributing for the greater good.



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