Five Reasons Why Araku Coffee Is Truly World Class

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Araku Coffee is now going global. The authentic coffee that is grown in the famous Araku Valley of Vizag is very well known for its integral aromatic taste and rich history. Located at 110 Kms distance from Vizag, Araku Coffee Valley is also fondly referred to as Coffee Kaivalyam. Thousands of local tribals engage in these coffee plantations, making their livelihood while deriving first class coffee for the world.

Here are Five Reasons Why Araku Coffee is Truly World Class

1. Decades of Coffee Making
 Five Reasons Why Araku Coffee Is Truly World Class
Established in 1954, Araku Coffee House has been making premium blend of coffee and coffee products, developing varied tastes that have been applauded by the world over. The art of brewing the right coffee with correct texture and taste has been skilfully rendered over years, flawlessly.

2. Quality of Global Standards
quality-check Five Reasons Why Araku Coffee Is Truly World Class

Making coffee is not enough. Here, the standards are put in place to ensure 100 percent quality of the product. The quality levels are applied, checked and ensured at every stage, right until the final product is ready for consumption. To this effect, the Arakuvalley Coffee House has a detailed backward integration systems in place, wherein field executives are deployed to procure high quality coffee after an elaborate coffee fruit tasting. A lengthy process of separation, grading, pulping, drying, hulling, curing, blending, roasting and grinding then follows.

3. Organic Coffee at Affordable Pricing

tribals Five Reasons Why Araku Coffee Is Truly World Class

Tribals sharing a dance in between work

The pricing on the organic coffee grown in Araku is mind blowing. Really reasonable, considering the market competition. All that with the highest degree of quality in taste and richness. The fact that local tribals lack access to the pesticides is of a formidable advantage, as the yield tends to be automatically free from any kind of chemical residue. Araku coffee has a great demand in the European markets, with tonnes of coffee being exported every year.

4. Ancient Plus Modern Practices in Coffee

coffee-plant Five Reasons Why Araku Coffee Is Truly World Class

Coffee Plantation in Araku

Arakuvalley Coffee House follows both the time tested ancient methods in picking the quality fruit and then integrating the same with the latest technology for efficient processing. The fact that experts who are a part of the Coffee House are fully exposed to every nuance of coffee making add up to its final qualitative produce. There is a constant research done to analyse and improvise the coffee production here.

5. World Class Coffee That Makes A Tight Competitor

coffee-house-at-araku Five Reasons Why Araku Coffee Is Truly World Class

Araku Valley Coffee House

The coffee produced at Araku by the tribals, with their simplistic approach and pesticide free manufacture makes Araku Coffee a viable leader in the monopoly of organic markets. Organic food is high in demand and Araku Coffee meets the bar, setting highest standards. This makes way for the Araky coffee to soon become one of the most sought after organic coffees in the world.



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