Five Great Qualities To Imbibe From Mooshika Vahana Vinayaka

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Lord Ganesha or Vinayaka is an instant favorite of many Indian households. Referred to as ‘Adhipathi’ or ‘Captain’, Ganesha is prayed first and foremost before conducting any other Pooja. Fondly called as ‘the elephant God’ by the West, Lord Ganesha is highly revered, when it comes to education and good luck.

Did you know that there are some fantastic lessons that can be taken from Ganesha, going with the great Puranas? Read on

Exemplary Leader

Lord Ganesha is known for his exemplary leadership skills. Vinayaka sets a perfect example of how to think, delegate and act. Going by the stories of Kailasa, Ganesha is said to have led the teams to fight battles and win the victories.

Problem Solver

He is also worshiped by millions as the ‘remover of obstacles’. This simply is not backed without a theory. Going by the research, the name Ganesha represents multiple roles that have evolved with time. Great professors affirm the rise of Ganesha in the Hindu pantheon, along with the emergence of the Ganapatyas,In fact, Vignakarta means obstacle creator and Vighnaharta means remover. Both form important facets of the God.

Sea of Knowledge or Buddhi

They say that knowledge is power. Ganesha is known as the epitome of Buddhi. The factor called Buddhi is deeply ingrained in the personality of Ganesha, referred back in the Puranic period. During this time, many stories talk about his wit and love for intellect.

Epitome of Patience
Those who have tremendous patience win the worlds. Ganesha bears great qualities of endurance and tolerance. The God who sets fine example of how to take the ridicule in your stride and show them what you really are.

Good Luck Charm

Ganesha is often counted as one of the greatest good luck charms in the Kaliyuga. He is looked upon to bring change in any kind of dull scenario. This is majorly because of his magnanimous persona.

Lord Ganesha continues to nurture and uplift generations and decades of Hindu following where belief exists. There are more human lessons also to learn from the great Hindu Elephant God who represents everything great.



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