Five Biggest Lessons to Be Learnt From Lord Rama

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Lord Rama. Rama Dharma Raju. Kodanda Rama.

We would have been hearing this great name in the list of Vishnu Avatars since our childhood. Largely worshipped and reckoned in Hindutva, Lord Rama is one of the divine epitomes of morality and duty in the scriptures and Puranas. Born to be a king of Ayodhya, Lord Rama’s story has always been about struggle, Dharma (duty), moral values and most importantly, responsibility. Referred in the Hinduism as Maryada Prushottama, Lord Rama has left many invaluable lessons for the mankind to follow and apply in life tribulations.

Here are Five Biggest Lessons to Be Learnt from Lord Rama by all, irrespective of religion, caste and upbringing.

Do Your Dharma

This is perhaps the biggest lesson from Rama’s life. Despite many adversities and obstacles, Lord Rama fulfilled his duties, or Dharma as it is called. That is the very reason why he is often referred to as Rama ‘Dharma’ Raju. Right from keeping his father’s promise to his step mother Kaikeyi to retrieving wife Sita from the clutches of evil Ravana, Rama proved that the biggest job for every human being on this earth is to do their Dharma.

Respect Your Parents

Lord Rama is the ultimate example of a doting son filled with love for his parents and siblings. His life’s story will tell us about most unjust treatment coming his way from his very near ones. Yet, Rama upheld his love for his parents and went by the same feeling. Lord Rama never vented wrath when he was exiled by his own family. Instead, he respected the decision and followed his destiny.

Be More Responsible

In this day and age of social media crazy lives and smartphone dependent souls, responsibility looks far-fetched, particularly to the youngsters of new millennia. Lord Rama teaches you sense of responsibility in every sphere of life and phase, not forgetting your principle reason behind coming into this world.

Understand Your Adversity

Inspect Lord Rama’s life closely and you will realize that he had always treated his difficulties with fairness. The fact is, Lord Rama understood the depth of every obstacle and confronted the same. In a fast paced world of internet and busy schedules, this example will come handy, especially while dealing with troubles in life.

Be Mighty In Front of Your Enemies

Lord Rama’s disposition and countenance runs pages in the holy text. Mighty persona with larger than life aura, Lord Rama gave Ravana an inner tremor even without touching one strand of hair. Be mighty when confronting your rivals. They will never forget how large you have looked despite their many efforts. Stand strong and see them slowly walk away.



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