Five Amazing Lessons Derived From Lord Shiva

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He is the supreme force. The destroyer as he is often referred to. Lord Shiva has some great lessons for the modern world. There are a lot of speculations about Shiva’s form. But the essence of his force is said to manifest in all beings and things in the universe. The great divine who is conceptualized in a mysterious demeanor in many versions, Lord Shiva has some impeccable lessons for the generation now and the ones to come.

Here are five amazing lessons derived from the powerful entity called Shiva.

Third Eye – Look Beyond

third-eye Five Amazing Lessons Derived From Lord Shiva

Shiva’s third eye is said to be the most untouched and the powerful. The third eye not only destroys the evil forces, it also sees what is beyond.

Look beyond and envision the future. Understand the problems ahead and plan to overcome the same.

Meditating Posture – Unison of mind, body and spirit

mediate Five Amazing Lessons Derived From Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva’s profound meditation is reckoned among his believers and followers. Meditation brings the unison of mind, body and spirit.

When you meditate, all the senses are superiorly elevated. You are fully aware of your existence and the real purpose to it. There is a great clarity of mind too.

Trishulam – Balance and Self Control

trishul Five Amazing Lessons Derived From Lord Shiva

The lord’s Trishul or Trishulam symbolises the power of mind and state if ego. The weapon represents controlling the inner ego and balancing mind to use the intellect in a channelled way.

Kill your ego and use your brain intellect for the greater good.

Bhasmam – Everything is Temporary

bhasmam Five Amazing Lessons Derived From Lord Shiva

Just like the smeared ash on Shiva’s body, all things are temporary in this world. What really matters is what you leave behind in soul and outcomes that affect others.

Be committed, not obsessed. Too much greed leads to doom and nothing else.

NeelaKantam – Channel your anger for great outcomes

neela Five Amazing Lessons Derived From Lord Shiva

Shiva’s blue throat, referred to as Neela Kantam is a repository of poison or anger. The inner fire or frustration when channelled in the right direction leads to outstanding results that benefit all.

Do not let your anger take over the common sense. Utilise the inner fire to attain something worthy.

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