Five Amazing Entrepreneurship Lessons Learnt From Chandrababu Naidu

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Most politicians go on international tours to first relax and then talk business, sign treaties, do big talk, glorify what a great country India is etc etc. And there is this one man who flies to Japan and completes three deals back to back on day one. Who will wind up like three deals during before lunch meetings?

He is enterprising to pitch a single state as a viable spot for global investment. He talks numbers and projections, checking for accuracy of data even on a probability index. And nobody can envision smart grid projects on an empty land like he does. I simply do not mind glorifying this man.

The last time I saw him in flesh was in 2001. He was building a hi tech city back then. And surprisingly, he carries around the same fire even today.

N Chandrababu Naidu – there is more to this name than Indian Politics. One of the most singular personalities who gauges development with technology and resources. Time and again, the man of action proved that a leader with a’la enterprising resource planning chutzpah can pull off a far better politician than those clad in Khadi Dhotis preaching lame lessons on tradition with hidden hypocrisy,  often criticizing the sad state of affairs. 

A leader who can actually sustain the real essence of steering a state (or say Nation?) with forceful conceptualization that delivers results, ChandraBabu Naidu is a book of lessons. Let us take a leaf of business entrepreneur out of this walking ‘politi’pedia.

Here are five amazing entrepreneurship lessons learnt from Naidu as a leader in true sense. These are precisely the very reasons why India and the World as such looks up at his dynamic intensity with awe.

Lesson 1 – Complete Utilization Of Resources

Yes, those of us who have studied management would have learnt theory. But watching Mr Naidu practice it is a sight for the sore eyes. He does not bank on the work optimal, though. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh believes in complete utilization of resources at disposal. The ongoing Japan tour and the many others in the past have become the testimonials of his incredible ability to pitch the resources and build a workable plan in tandem with foreign investments.

Lesson 2- Team Comes First

Putting his team on the forefront and on a certain pedestal comes naturally to this inborn leader. From the time of building a life changing Hi Tech city in Hyderabad to closing deals for the New Capital Amaravati, Naidu always makes sure that his team’s opinions and ideas matter and work in sync with those of his. There is no doubt that those who operate on projects under his leadership become able leaders in themselves due to this important quality.

Lesson 3 – Marketing The Best Out Front

This is one of the most magnificent trait that Mr Naidu carries around. That impeccable ability to market the best he has in hand. Recent discussions in Japan about Andhra’s rich resources into fisheries and the potential to get in global scaling up proves the point.

His ability to cash in on the state’s longest coastline with promising outcomes and conveying the same to the Japanese investors, is a standing example of exemplary marketing.

Lesson 4 – Learn The Tricks Of The Trade

For a business leader, tricks of the trade are very important, irrespective of the domain or the industry he operates from. Chandrababu Naidu’s innate drive to learn the numbers and stats, keeping updated about the latest versions in software and trends in technology is known to one and all. You get your data wrong, and he will catch you point blank. The variation would be in faint decimal places and still.

Lesson 5 – Enterprising Genius

Perhaps one of the most significant lessons. Mr Naidu’s enterprising abilities that work towards a win-win situation for both the parties. His planning always checks out the viable results for the other party, while striking a deal. The recent talks with Fuji Electric to go ahead and come up with smart grid project shows this side. Mr Naidu assured that complete support will be provided to the brand Fuji to expand the same model into other states after a phase wise operation in Vijayawada and Amaravati.

These are just the five of the many lessons from his cap of million feathers. The Japan tour has left a spell bound effect, both on home ground and the world as such. After striking important outcomes across 7 entities with 3 major brands in play, that too on day 1 out of the 4 business days, Mr Chandrababu Naidu proves time and again that he is still the BEST in business.



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