Five Amazing Qualities Of The Kshatriya Rajus Of Andhra

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We would all have seen the chivalrous and mighty Baahubali portrayed by Prabhas Uppalapati on screen lately. Some of us would have easily branded him as the glamorous descendent of the Raju community. But there is more to them than what meets the eye like a candy on screen.

Kshatriya Rajus are not just a caste. They are a legacy. Bunch of profound rulers who were a prime part of ancient dynasties of Andhra. These rulers were mostly prevalent much before the year 1952, when they oversaw and reigned the medieval kingdoms of the Ikshvakus, Chalukya, Chagi, Vishnukundina, Pericchedi and Gajapathi dynasties.

Here are Five Amazing Qualities of the Kashtriya Rajus in Andhra That Prevail Down The Generations

Notable For Their Administrative Abilities

The kings who ruled several parts of Andhra were well known for their superior sense of administrative abilities. Naturally inclined to establish a workable system in any place, the Kshatriya Rajus always created a demographic with clarity, providing various facilities to the citizens of their jurisdiction. In fact, some experts say their planning was always way ahead of times.

Chivalrous and Brave

Needless to say, the kings are meant to be valorous. Andhra Rajus displayed that quality through and through, despite changing times. Most descendants of the great clans still showcase that trait, irrespective of the field they operate in.

ashok-gajapathi-raju-pti_0_0_0_0_1 Five Amazing Qualities Of The Kshatriya Rajus Of Andhra

Mr Ashok Gajapathi Raju, direct descendant of the Pusapati Royal Clan, still serves his home ground Vizianagaram while carrying out the duties as the nation’s Civil Aviation Minister.

Stick To Their Promises

The effervescent kings of Andhra are known for their integrity. They deliver and stick to what has been promised. The kingdom of Vizianagaram saw such great leaders in the form of Pusapati royal dynasty. The simple fact that their descendent (Mr Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju) still goes on about his duty proves it all.

Carry Political Dominance

A recent report published by the Overseas Development Institute cited that Rajus, being the ex-warrior caste are one of the important communities with sizable political significance in the areas they operate in. This despite them constituting only a small percentage of population and confined to small pockets in the region.

Regal and Classy

True to the word ‘Royalty’, the Rajus are always regal and classy in terms of their presentation. This involves being tasteful in every aspect of their lifestyle. A typical house they live in never screams loud colors or gaudy presentation. They like putting together minimal yet exquisite things. Their dressing sense is never over the top, but always in vogue.

These are some of the important traits of the Kshatriya Rajus of Andhra. The legacy of being able leaders prevails and is set to do so for the coming generations.




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