‘Famous Five’ That Have Made AP No 1 in Infrastructure

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It is not a child’s play to achieve massive milestones in a span of two years. This, after enduring some serious manifestations of state bifurcation. Andhra Pradesh, despite the fact that there is not even a capital city in place to thrive, has emerged like no other. The state is now number 1 in infrastructure in the entire country. These rankings may look easy on paper. However, a lot goes into getting to the top slot, and AP had risen above all the adversities with grace, determination and dignity.

Number 1 in infrastructure and ease of doing business, the state is now going places. Amaravati, the new capital city is getting together in a planned manner. Newer prospects and avenues are cropping up every day, as the state is busy inviting and collaborating with some of the top global players in the industrial space.

There are naysayers too, who doubt the credibility of these rankings and estimates. Whether or not these sections understand the nuances behind the likes of World Bank and India Today to arrive such specs, the truth is here. Andhra Pradesh is raring to go now, more than ever.

Five important developments have been made in the last two years that have actually catapulted AP to number 1 in infrastructure.

Record Road Connectivity

road1 'Famous Five' That Have Made AP No 1 in Infrastructure

Almost 92% of households in Andhra Pradesh are well connected with Pucca roads. This is a remarkable achievement, a mission that state government was on with single minded focus. With majority of roads in good condition, the state welcomes great opportunities.

Never Like Before Air Connectivity

Airport-Intruders2-1821x1254 'Famous Five' That Have Made AP No 1 in Infrastructure

The world is well aware of AP’s extensive work with air connectivity. With almost 11 airports in place, both established and upcoming, the state has set the tone for international travelling as well. While the Bhogapuram airport is in the process of becoming the next major airport of the nation, the state government is busy developing and improvising other airports in the state with better amenities and larger runways.

Four Major Game changing Ports

ports 'Famous Five' That Have Made AP No 1 in Infrastructure

Development of ports is something that the state government is seriously working on, showcasing the second longest coastline in the country. New collaboration with global players to enhance trade and industrial activity in the arena of ports is commendable. Extended work on 975 kilometer Vizag Chennai industrial corridor is set to take underlying potential to a whole new level. The sea food industry will get an enhanced boost after this, raising the bar for exponential revenue generation.

Ongoing Digital Revolution

ap-optic 'Famous Five' That Have Made AP No 1 in Infrastructure

The state is now connected with a 23,000 km long optic fiber chain, that offers data connectivity to every nook and corner at super affordable rates. This has paved way for the new digital revolution, with enhanced connectivity and usage of IT for basic functioning of human lives. The government also intends to set up first 10 Lakh set top boxes to all the households by Sankranthi early next year.

Solar parks and thermal plants

solarparks 'Famous Five' That Have Made AP No 1 in Infrastructure

AP now leads with the number of solar parks in the country. The new LED revolution has taken the state by storm, paving way for greater energy consumption and massive supply to other states as well. The state is 24 hours electricity efficient. More plans are ahead in lines of renewable energy and surplus energy generation.

Needless to say, Andhra is now on the verge of becoming extremely self sustainable and prospective. This applies not only to the national podium but even the international scene. The state is working tirelessly to enter the top ten investment destinations of the world.



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