Fact DECODED – Microsoft is Deploying AZURE Stack for the Very First Time in AP

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Folks in the tech space would have read and heard multiple times about Microsoft’s plans with Azure Stack. The fact of the matter is, Azure has not been fully deployed anywhere in the world before. And now, for the first time, Microsoft will be deploying Azure Stack with Sunrise State Andhra Pradesh.

Pact has been signed between Microsoft and AP at the event Future Decoded that was held in Mumbai yesterday. Azure will be implemented to manage AP state government’s data center. As part of this, Azure Stack will be used by Microsoft to migrate live applications hosted in the Hyderabad State Data Center (SDC) to Vizag State Data Center

This will streamline and create a separate data center for AP, enabling all the data management powered by Azure on a hybrid cloud that flaunts control of public and private data access.

This means, no more involvement of private vendors and possibility of data compromise

With Azure, data gets secure and managed both on premise without external support. Private vendors are no longer required to deliver assistance, hence the scope of data leak is completely minimized. Azure Stack’s three components – application, server and the storage will run on one physical box and manage end to end services. Azure is a cloud software that accumulates and manages the entire stack of data at one place, one environment.

Close to 340 applications of the state, including eSeva, MeeSeva, Core Dash Board are now running in Hyderabad SDC. Under the new PoC agreement, state will migrate 15 applications to Vizag data centre. CM has handed off the management of AP’s Vizag state data center to the AP State Fibernet Limited (APSFL), after being impressed with their outstanding contribution
Migration will be enabled from regular cloud to Azure Stack cloud hybrid.



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