Everything Goes Online in Real Time Governance, Even Cattle!!

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With a view to improve the production of milk in the state, Information Network on Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH) has initiated the registration of cattle online.

INAPH was inaugurated on 1st June under the Pasu Sanjivani Program by C Adinarayana Reddy, the Minister for Animal Husbandry and S Chandramohan Reddy, the Agriculture Minister at Dharanikota that falls under Guntur district’s Amaravati Mandal. While speaking at the gathering, C Adinarayana Reddy said that in spite of dairy farming being the most important sector of the country and India being the highest producer of milk in the world, the productivity of the animals is considerably low. He added that in order to enhance the productivity of the animals, steps should be taken to produce high quality bulls using genetic improvement programs, extracting healthy semen from these bulls and then delivering these at the doorsteps of the farmers to help them breed their animals. He said that efforts should also be made to improve the infrastructure of the facilities that produce feeds for the cattle, fodder seeds, feed supplements etc.

Adinarayana Reddy went on to add that citing the urgency of the situation, the National Dairy Development Board has created the app called INAPH – Information Network on Animal Productivity and Health to help the farmers to access real time information about health service, nutrition and breeding through smartphones, desktops and laptops. He added that the government aims to provide the farmers an income of INR 15000 through milk production and urged that the farmers should make use of the scheme. He also said that it would be a good idea for the farmers to create groups to make the most of the scheme.

According to Chandramohan Reddy, the AP government has allotted the highest budget to the agricultural sector. He added that all the farmers should get their cattle registered under INAPH, in order to benefit from the schemes introduced by the government.
During the program that was attended by the Joint Collector of Guntur district, M Venkateswara Rao along with the officials of horticulture, agriculture etc., the farmers were presented with cattle health cards by the two ministers.



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