Ethics, ‘Roja’na in The Indian Politics

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After spending the entire week with much tolerable mortals, I happened to read the news. We can safely vouch for the levels of tolerance and intolerance, especially when the honorable speaker of the AP Assembly agrees and acts on it. No, this is not about taking sides with one particular party. This ain’t even debating on who has a better moral high ground when it came to complying with the ideals of governance in India. Simply put, this is about ethics and manners.

In a dramatic development, YSR Congress legislator and actor R.K. Roja has been suspended for a year from the AP Assembly on Friday, says news. Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Minister for Legislative affairs has moved a resolution affirming that Roja had used ‘unparliamentary’, ‘objectionable’ language against the Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and sought her suspension for a year. Says news. After the House passed a resolution by a voice vote, Speaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao asked her to leave the house, says the news.

The melodrama of ganging up followed, as usual, with the members of the respective parties hurdling together like a pack of loyal comrades. Warfare of words and the typical blame game went on, with each party blaming the other, pinpointing on specific issues and raising questions.

Honestly, we all know that this is not the first time the rigmarole of Indian circus has occurred within the so called pious walls of government bodies. There were worse case scenarios in the past too, when the prime representatives of Indian government hurled chairs at each other, like monsters. The personas with responsible positions called leaders continue to throw both the furniture as well as abuses, putting even the low life street fights in India to shame.

What has become of the Indian politics, the ‘Aam Aadmi’ wonders. Even the Aam Aadmi party fails to stick to its own standards and rewards a rapist juvie in this country. Worse, Indian political scenario is more of ‘Love, Sex and Dhoka’ rather than vision, results and example setting. Ms Roja has been suspended for an year. Meanwhile, another party worker will take her place, trying to grab the attention in the name of sincere political interest for the state and the welfare of the people. While the ruling government continues to struggle forever, scraping funds and spending on projects, the oppositions continue to battle it out in their own way, trying their best to maintain the decorum.

The common man and the end victim who pays the highest of service and road taxes will get back home after a hectic day at office, to enjoy a bit of political madness that has been coming down like a legacy from the generations in this country. There is sadness in that chuckle, a hopeless sigh at the bed time. The ironies of the Indian working middle class will continue as the guns and roses sink to their lowest forms.

Rest in peace, Indian Governance.



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