Detoxified Krishna River Bed, Every Doctor’s Recommendation!

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According to doctors, taking a walk on the river bed sand is good news for your knees. Additionally it is bad news for the people who smuggle sand. This is one of the main reasons why the doctors and health professionals in Vijayawada have been all up to clean the Krishna riverbed close to the area where it meets the Bay of Bengal.

Lately, it has been seen that a lot of health savvy morning walkers have been frequenting the riverbed that lies downstream of the Prakasam Barrage.

The riverbed which is strewn with garbage has also got cleaner with these walks that were encouraged by the physicians and cardiologists who lead the Amaravati Walkers and Runners Association (AWARA). These professionals get ample support from the NRIs too for the purpose. About five years ago, the effort to clean the riverbed was started by a pain physician, Dr. Ajay Katragadda who works in Nagarjuna Cancer Center.

It has been seen that walkers and runners alike make way to this river bed for sand walk, the reason being that walking on sand proves less strenuous to the knees than walking on hard surfaces. Over the years, the membership of AWARA has gone up to 750 with a lot of students too becoming a part of it.

According to Dr. Ajay, a large part of the riverbed has been cleaned which is why it has become a perfect spot for walking and jogging. He added that though this did not go well with the sand mafia that was using the area to smuggle sand, the situation was quickly brought under control by police intervention.

For the past four months, cardiac surgeon, Dr. Kirthi Reddy too has been taking a run on the Krishna riverbed every Sunday.




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