“De-centralized Development is The Key For AP” – CM’s Note

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Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu shared his thoughts on the way forward move for Andhra Pradesh as a global destination on the social media. The CM elaborated as to why de-centralized development will go a long way in converting the new state of Andhra Pradesh into the next global destination.

Below is the complete note from the CM

“De-centralized development is key to making AP a global destination

As I’ve always said, I believe decentralized development is the way forward for any state or a country that wants to be the next promising global destination.

Decentralisation has a range of benefits. This means it not only diminishes the role of the state but fragments it into more intergovernmental model, eventually making it a participative one to include citizens in it.

This way of development model will not only make government more responsive but also efficient. Combining decentralised development with technology will not only make public services easily available but also increase the government’s ability to many more handle tasks.

In order to model Andhra Pradesh’s development in a decentralised fashion, our government has outlined district-wise developments, giving priority to each districts, weighing out the strengths and weaknesses of every district.

From IT hubs, agro-processing industries to renewable energy or industrial zones, our development plans include all the districts.

The coastal districts such as Visakhapatnam have emerged as a major industrial centre which have public and private sector establishments producing large scale industrial goods ranging from steel, metals, petroleum, polymers, fertilizers, heavy engineering equipment and also facilitates ship building, ports and fishing. The Godavari districts, on the other hand, are home to energy resources such as fertilizer refineries and produces large scale of natural gas from the offshore of KG basin.

They are also export hubs for aqua and seafood. They are also home to agricultural products like rice and corn, edible oils, oilmeals, processed food products, chemicals, biofuel etc.

The Krishna and Guntur districts are well-known for processing of agricultural products, automobile body building, hardware, textile, consumer goods and small scale industries. They will emerge as the agro-processing zones.

With the Centre’s allotment of National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) to Prakasam, the district will get a major fillip apart from the series of infrastructure planned by the government.

Meanwhile, Rayalseema too is roaring on the investments scene in the state. Starting with Ultra Mega Food Park and Oravakal Industrial Hub, it is also home to Sri City SEZ which has global electronics makers like Foxconn, Lava, Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon apart from automobile makers and global FMCG giant like PepsiCo and Britannia.

The region is also emerging as the next big renewable energy hub with large solar investments coming into the region from Soft Bank and other players. Anantapur on the other hand will be developed as a horticulture hub.

These are just some of our government’s massive development plans. We are planning bigger and better investments that will make Andhra Pradesh the best destination globally by 2050, with a focus on decentralised model

I also believe that this model will not only lead to reaching out to the poor effectively, especially in remote backward areas but help us targeting success in poverty alleviation programs.

This means that social groups like the Self-help groups will become engines of growth and help the government making development inclusive. I’m sure that, with this model, we will set an example for other state and countries to follow us.”



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