Day 4, Five Meetings – FinTech. Fiber Optic. Tirupati. Startups

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Apart from the crackling session with the tech honchos on ‘Technologies for Tomorrow’, the CM N Chandrababu Naidu concluded some very important meetings with the potential investors. Day four saw interactions with big names in the fields of financial services, fiber, projects and startup funding. One of the investors (Kumi Umi) had also interestingly expressed proposal to develop Temple town Tirupati, expanding it eastwards.

Here are the details coming from the AP CMO

Meeting 1 – JP Morgan Chase

CM to JP Morgan Chase: “ FinTech will be the right place for you. Leverage your networking and bring finances for the development of Amaravati.”

In Davos today, the Chief Minister held his first meeting with Mr. Max Neukirchen, Head of Strategy, JP Morgan Chase. The Chief Minister indicated that FinTech would be the right place that they can come up in, and also asked them to leverage their international networking to bring in finances for the development of Amaravati.

Later, the Chief Minister added that “Andhra Pradesh has a number of resources and opportunities that they should explore.” He also explained that in Andhra Pradesh water levels, streetlights, welfare and other programmes are monitored online through the Chief Minister’s core dashboard.

Meeting 2 – McKinsey

McKinsey’s Global Director assures to facilitate Chinese investments to AP and promises to facilitate networking with 20 important companies.

The second meeting was held with McKinsey’s Global Institute Director Mr. Jonathan Woetzel.
Mr. Jonathan said that the future is for India and China, and that 25% of world GDP and technology will be from these two countries.

Mr. Jonathan assured that he will facilitate Chinese investments in Andhra Pradesh.

“ In the next three months, I will facilitate networking with 20 most important companies/investors from china,” said Mr. Jonathan.

The Chief Minister said that the McKinsey’s best talent should form a group to help mobilize finances and investments in the activities of Andhra Pradesh and Amaravati.

Meeting 3 – Mr. Jan Suzuki, Teijin Ltd

Later the Chief Minister held a meeting with Mr. Jan Suzuki, President and Chief Executive Officer, Teijin Ltd, Japan. Their company is into carbon and aluminium fibres. The representative mentioned that their fibres are used in optical fiber cable supporting sheets. India is a large importer of their products.

Half of their business is fiber manufacture and other half is into healthcare/Pharmaceuticals. Their company has operations in Korea, Spain and Japan. Mr. Jan told the Chief Minster that they are exploring the possibilities of coming to India.

Meeting 4 – Mr. Yasuyo Yamazaki, Kumi Umi Asset Management

Kumi Umi Assets Management Company is interested in developing Tirupati, expanding eastwards. The Chief Minister later met Mr. Yasuyo Yamazaki from Kumi Umi Asset Management Co.Ltd. Their company is into funding, technology and project management.

Mr. Yasuyo informed the Chief Minister that they are interested in exploring opportunities in development of Tirupati, expanding it eastwards. Their company has worked in Varanasi and has experience in the development of Temple towns. They also envisaged interest to collaborate in sectors such as housing, employment and agriculture.
He mentioned that they can bring in a consortium of Japanese companies and their investment would be around 15-20 billion US dollars. The Chief Minister asked them to come with a clear road map.

Meeting 5 – General Atlantic

The company interested in funding Startups

Mr. Sandeep Naik MD, General Atlantic, in a meeting with the Chief Minister, said that they interested in the first generation entrepreneurs and want to explore possibilities for funding startups. General Atlantic, manages 30 billion dollar fund, and they have investments upto five billion dollars in India. Their core sectors include IT and healthcare.



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