Davos Calling – Mission Investments for the CM

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CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu has embarked on the journey to Davos, once again. The CM who will be taking part in the World Economic Forum has his itinerary already full, and that too covering his way to the summit. Naidu is focused one more time to get more investments into the state.

The CM will be meeting several global businessmen and investors in Zurich. He is also scheduled to take part in 10 bilateral meetings that will be held there.

The meetings said will be held with organisations such as European Education and Research Council, Solar and manufacturing companies and Stalder Rail Management.

The CM has many meetings lined with the CEO s of various companies before heading to his final destination in Davos.

The CM’s previous Davos visit in 2016 had proved to fetch massive attention to Andhra Pradesh, with many investors vying to setup their shop in the state. Some of these have already seen fruition. It remains to be seen if the CM will repeat his amazing pitch one more time to the global audience. Needless to say, his approach has worked productively towards the mission.



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