‘Converting Crisis Into An Opportunity’ is His Mantra

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“I’m looking to convert adversities into opportunities” 

Those are not my words but his own. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu is leaping ahead with newer collaborations, accomplishments and milestones. The ‘hi tech’ CM who has redefined the style of people’s governance is deigning to go forward, regardless of many adversities that still prevail in the state.
His Mantra, ‘turning adversities into opportunities’ had come at an opportune time, interlinking rivers, extending business collaborations and impacting the much required economic growth. After the opening of Celkon plant at Tirupati, all eyes are now on the state of Sunrise. The plant that was opened in a record span of time is a direct manifestation of CBN’s unfaltering vision. For those who had been constantly complaining about ‘all MoUs and no impact’, Celkon proved that the AP Chief Minister is not leaving any stone not turned to bring Made in Andhra into effect.
While Foxconn represents the entree of foreign investment and confidence, Celkon showcases the grit and potential of Make in India. With a deadly combo of both, AP is now looking ahead to more Indian and overseas players planting their flag at Renigunta.
Perhaps this is the first step to an unseen rush of progress that is waiting in the undercurrent. With a perfect balance of investments into automobile, electronics and fintech, CBN’s vision and forecast is seeing a definitive fruition.
Celkon opening in Tirupati



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