CM’s Tactical’ Win Win’ Industrial Pitch To Russia

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When it comes to pitching business, nobody comes closer. This was evidently proved one more time at Russia when CM N Chandrababu Naidu made a logical win win comparison of industries between AP and St. Petersburg.

“AP and St. Petersburg have a strong presence in the fields of IT and Pharma” said CM, highlighting on the scenarios where tactical collaborations were very much possible.

Chairman, External Relations also agreed to collaborate with AP in beach tourism. Mr. Evgeny Gregoryev welcomed the Andhra Pradesh delegation to the centre of St. Petersburg administration and acknowledged that India and St. Petersburg share a historical and deep relationship.

Remarking that India’s presence in St. Petersburg is strong the Chairman mentioned about a school which is named after Rabindranath Tagore where Hindi is taught.

The Governor indicated that St. Petersburg encourages teaching and learning of Indian studies.

Later he brought to the notice of the CM that St. Petersburg shares a good relation with Mumbai and that they want to develop relationships with other provinces and cities also.

“St Petersburg has 20 percent of Russia pharma industry. That brings us close to India,” the Chairman said.

Pointing out that AP and St. Petersburg have a strong presence in the fields of IT and Pharma the Chief Minister said that AP possess six ports and is working towards developing 8 more ports.

Suggesting possible cooperation with St Petersburg for building the new capital city Amaravati, the Chief Minister mentioned that AP has many good tourist spots and expressed his willingness to work with the Russian port city on tourism.

To this, the Chairman agreed to collaborate with AP in tourism and in particular beach tourism.

Expressing his happiness about the Tagore School in St. Petersburg, the CM mentioned his keen interest to introduce courses in the Russian language in the state.

“Our state is very dynamic. Last year our growth was 11 per cent. We are aiming at 15 percent this year,” the Cm further added.

Mentioning that St Petersburg has an excellent mining institution the Chairman said that both teams need to identify the exact initiatives.

Later, the Chairman showed interest to send a team to AP and said that he would personally coordinate the visit.

Mr. Jasti Krishna Kishore, the Chairman of EDB is set to coordinate the proposal on beach tourism.



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