CM’s Suggestions on Going Cashless, Nothing Short of a Policy Make – Arun Jaitley

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CM Chadrababu Naidu, who is now leading the CM committee on demonetization is hands on with the job entrusted. The CM made some ground breaking suggestions at the center on going cashless. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley heavily commended CM’s suggestions and affirmed that they were nothing short of a policy make.

CM made some important remarks on the ongoing cashless momentum, highlighting on the areas that need immediate attention. He made the following suggestions for better ways to fight corruption and ensure end to end digitization:

The CM said that it is not enough that nation is empowered with cashless methods. There are transactions that will inevitably require currency and need alternative options. For that, Mr Naidu suggested on coming up with ideas that educate public on how to make their mobile a one stop ATM for all transactions.

He recommended anytime online methods that do not attract extra charges. He asked the centre to consider doing away with service charge, the biggest ordeal in common man’s dealings.

The CM suggested policy changes with respect to hardware import and connectivity.

He suggested using of more alternatives for transactions, such as mobile linked micro machinery that provides more ease in mini sized transactions. Naidu suggested cutting down of taxes on all methods of digital transactions for the benefit of working class.

Mr Naidu suggested improved grid connectivity for better functioning of all banks, including the RBI.

Mr CM shared best prevailing examples in Maharashtra, where Aadhar Card linking has become mandatory for all financial dealings.

The CM requested the center to look into the above and work towards enhancing digital usage among the citizens.



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