Highlights of CM’s Sankranti Address

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CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu interacted with the citizens warmly on the occasion of Bhogi. He made it a point to unwind a little and not make the event too formal. Right from spinning top, flying kite to playing rural games, CM shared some endearing moments with the people of AP.

Taking the opportunity to speak at length during the Sankranti address, the CM stressed on the need for important changes that people of Andhra have to incorporate in the most basic levels of their life.

“Eat healthy, think better”

The CM conveyed this Britannia brand tagline in an elaborate way, explaining why we fail in totality as a society. He spoke about the importance to eat healthy food and work on fitness. Individuals who lead healthy lives build healthy society, he said.

“Keep a hold on your tongue”

Words uttered in haste cannot be taken back. The CM spoke about the need to choose words wisely and put an end to unproductive talk. “Tongue is powerful. Put a hold on it where it matters” he said, requesting the citizens to adopt positive thinking and phrases.

“Invest your time in learning new things”

Developed civilizations all over the world exist because of developed minds that reside in them. The CM asked people of Andhra to invest more time in learning new skills or enriching the existing ones. He asked the people to stop wasting precious time on non productive persuasions. He said that people should learn more about technology and learn new skills that benefit them and their families. He reminded about the facility that is being offered in the form of super affordable data and internet via fiber optic revolution in the state. “Make good use of this and better yourselves” he said

“Films Are For Entertainment, Not for Obsession”

Mr Naidu made it a point to talk about the film mania that exists in the state. He affirmed that films are for entertainment, not for obsession. “Cinema is creativity, not reality. Stop dwelling too much on the craze and getting obsessed. Use your time wisely.

“Work on your happiness index”

The CM spoke about the need to keep busy, engage in meaningful jobs and lead happy lives. He encouraged people to look beyond their barriers and concentrate on progressive ideas and outcomes.

The Sankranti address this year turned out to be a wholesome experience and learning for those who were present at the venue.



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