CM’s Day 2, Six Meetings – Water. Waste Management. Economy. Education

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After the first day of hectic meeting schedule and 10 promising discussions, the CM commenced fresh meetings of Day 2 while on his visit to Davos. The meetings that were conducted with potential companies from different industries proved to be productive and gathered meaningful outcomes.

Meeting 1 – SUEZ Environment

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu began the day by holding a meeting with Ms. Marie-Ange Debon, CEO of SUEZ environment. Water management and waste management were the focus sectors of this meeting.
Suez Environment S.A. is a French based utility company which operates largely in the water treatment and waste management sectors and has a presence in India already.

The Chief Minister mentioned that the government is keen to explore possibilities of collaboration and use expertise of Suez Environment S.A. in pollution control in industrial areas, water treatment, and waste to energy projects.

The Chief Minister invited Ms. Marie-Ange Debon to Andhra Pradesh and hoped that their team will soon visit the state.

“Both our teams can sit down and study the possible areas of collaborations,” said the Chief Minister. It may be noted that in Jordan 10 per cent of water used for irrigation is from the treatment plants run by this company.

day1 CM's Day 2, Six Meetings - Water. Waste Management. Economy. Education

Meeting 2 – Office for Economy and Labour, Zurich State Government

Chief Minister’s next meeting was with Bruno Sauter, General Manager of the Office for Economy and Labour, Zurich State Government. Bruno Sauter appreciated the presence of Andhra Pradesh in Davos. He mentioned that a sister-state relation between Andhra Pradesh and Zurich state, on which it is very keen, can be worked out.

“Zurich is very advanced in technological initiatives. Both our states can collaborate,” said Bruno Sauter. Later, the Chief Minister explained the technological initiatives taken in Andhra Pradesh and also inquired from Bruno about the digital initiatives in banking and cyber security in Switzerland.

Bruno assured that a delegation will soon visit Andhra Pradesh.

day2 CM's Day 2, Six Meetings - Water. Waste Management. Economy. Education

Meeting 3 – Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Mr. Bibop G. Gresta is the Chairman and CoFounder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. Theirs is a very good alternative to high speed rail and their technology is superior to bullet train or speed rail, in terms of energy consumption, and costs. Mr. Bibop mentioned that Hyperloop is now looking for collaborations all over the world.

Meeting 4 – Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

The Chief Minister met Mr. Hiroyuki Ishige, Chairman, JETRO. Mr. Hiroyuki appraised the CM about the progress of JETRO activities in Andhra Pradesh.

Later on, the Chief Minister explained how Andhra Pradesh is progressing by making use of technology for poverty alleviation.

JETRO chairman mentioned that there is an increase in the number of Japanese companies in Andhra Pradesh to which the Chief Minister said, that it further needs to be increased.

JETRO Chairman invited the Chief Minister to the investor’s seminar which he is organizing in Japan shortly.

day3 CM's Day 2, Six Meetings - Water. Waste Management. Economy. Education

Meeting 5 – Shire International

The next meeting was held with Ms. Kim Stratton, Head International Commercial, Shire International. It is a Pharma company concentrating mainly on research and development.

Ms. Kim told the Chief Minister that they are specialists in hemophilia treatment research in which India is lacking. Ms. Kim said that they are interested in looking at public private partnership in this area for research, development of treatments and capacity building.

She added that at present they have a very small presence in India and that it’s just the beginning of their journey.

Chief Minister asked Ms. Kim to make Amaravati the headquarters of Shire for its Indian operations.

day4 CM's Day 2, Six Meetings - Water. Waste Management. Economy. Education

Meeting 6 – Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley

The CM met with Mr. Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley. The CM remembered that the University of California is already working with the state and also mentioned that Mr. Solomon Darwin from their university has done good work in Mori, Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Nicholoas Dirks showed keen interest and inquired about the evolution and progress of the Andhra Pradesh.

Later, the Chief Minister mentioned about the various activities that are taking place in the state and explained how Amaravati will turn out to be a better place of learning, and also as an education and knowledge hub.

The Chief Minister stressed that University of California and Andhra Pradesh should collaborate and explore the possibilities of creating a knowledge society.

University of Berkeley has an alliance with Cambridge and also with the National University of Singapore.

The Chief Minister opined that they also should collaborate with one of the Universities in Andhra Pradesh also. He also asked Mr. Nicholoas Dirks to visit Andhra Pradesh soon. Mr. Nicholoas Dirks is chairman of the WEF global universities leadership forum. He assured that he would speak to some of the universities to associate with Andhra Pradesh.



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