CM’s Crackling Replies at Press Conference in Vijayawada Left Many in Daze

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He came back from the recent overseas tour and gave a press conference at Vijayawada. Hi tech Naidu, iron willed Naidu, Hi Speed Naidu – whatever he is called, Mr CM only means results and talks productive business.

The CM of Andhra Pradesh who usually keeps it low until a point spoke up during this press conference. And what a cracker of a speech that was! Evoking the same strength, agility and gut force that were evidenced like a decade ago. The ‘Paatha Chandrababu Naidu’ made it a point to explain the precise reason behind all of his world travels. The first and foremost would be anybody’s wild guess. The brand CBN is always anything above standard and at par with first class – read Hi Tech.

Building Amaravati as top class metro capital of India has become the need of the hour. There are more nay sayers than the number of supporters for Mr Naidu. For the CM who has embarked on a rather tough journey to do con calls at 2 AM with foreign investors, Amaravati has become a stringent personal goal, blinkers attached.

The CM took some time to address the ongoing noise coming from all the directions. This time, his tone made sure there was silence around. All ears were on him as he went on, explaining the core agenda.

Building a capital was a crisis, he said. The plan is to build a world class city and not a slum, the CM remarked. There was an air of awe and silence as Mr Naidu spoke about the need to adopt best practices from around the world.

“I need not go anywhere if I am to build a slum. Our people can do it. They can only build slums. Building a capital is a crisis. I have no money but have an iron will”

Mr CM made it an agenda to talk about the ongoing laughter about his dream to recreate another Singapore for AP.

“To build the Hyderabad International Airport, I visited at least 25 airports. I told GMR that a world-class airport should be built in Hyderabad. Likewise, I rejected 20 designs submitted by L&T before finalizing the current design of the Cyber Towers in Cyberabad. Now it has become the icon of IT in the country” Mr Chandrababu reminded the audience and the world.

“If we have to build monuments, a thorough study is essential. That is the reason I am visiting different cities. Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital, is a beautiful and planned city. They have come forward to help us in building Amaravati”

Mr Naidu shared the kind of support that he is now getting from Moscow to make Amaravati a reality. AP, which had recently signed a sister state agreement with Ghizhou, will also sign up similarly with St Petersburg, he affirmed.

“During a meeting, Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev wanted cooperation not only between Moscow and New Delhi but also provinces of the two countries. I have invited him to visit Amaravati and he accepted it”¬†

The CM also spoke about his Russia and Kazakhstan tour outcomes, where he had reached out to Russia to set up their industrial cluster in AP, into defence and manufacturing. The plan is also a convenient adaptation and assimilation of ‘Make in India’ program.

“I told them it is the right time for them to enter Indian market. Otherwise they will miss out on a great opportunity,” Mr CM signed off.



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