CM’s ‘Aadhar’ Idea to The Central Government

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Demonetization drive is going full throttle across the country, and India is trying best to cope with the aftermath that is affecting daily routine. Addressing the ongoing inconvenience in the hospitals, CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu wrote a letter to the Center, sharing some workable ideas to solve the problem.

The ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes has taken a toll on people, particularly while dealing with the situation inside hospitals.

The biggest drawback here is unacceptability of banned notes by doctors and hospitals. The CM addressed the scenario in his letter, explaining that allowing private hospitals to start accepting the demonetized currency after producing Aadhar card should help.

“This arrangement will be an addition to the bank counters. When a person presents Aadhar identification, her or his money automatically gets accounted for,” said Naidu, adding that this would provide a lot of relief to the patients.

The CM has also directed all the banks in the state to function normally on Monday, despite being a holiday. He also instructed the bankers in the state to distribute tokens to the customers so they don’t have to stand in queues for long periods. He told the officials to arrange for buttermilk that can be offered to the the tired customers.

A total of Rs 6,700 crore demonetized money has been deposited in banks in Andhra Pradesh banks by Monday. “We got Rs 6,500 crore from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) so far. Of that, Rs 4,000 crore is Rs 2,000 notes. The rest is other denominations. We are waiting for the small denominations to arrive. Our finance department officials are following up with the Central authorities for quick service.” the CM said.



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