CM Seems To Be Monitoring Polavaram Obsessively

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Drones, CCTV footage, everyday tracking and monitoring. The much awaited Polavaram project works are in full swing. CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu makes it a point to conduct regular weekly meetings with the deputized officials, supervising the project at a very personal level and examining the status.

Polavaram project has long been one of the most critical projects for Andhra Pradesh. Large multipurpose terminal project that banks of the river Godavari, Polavaram once completed opens greater avenues in the areas of drinking water, hydro power and irrigation. This project impacts the entire coastal belt of the state first hand.

Mr Naidu is presently ensuring that there is no lagging behind with the works that are in progress. He constantly warns and alerts the concerned officials as and when he feels that the pace is slowly down. Even the concerned contractors on the job are laden neck deep with finishing tasks with efficiency and speed.

Special surveillance equipment containing close to 20 CCTV cameras have been installed on site and contractors give daily brief on the status with precise numbers. So far, 52K cubic meters of soil has been excavated on an everyday basis and soon the contractors will increase the number per day to 75K cubic meters.

CM has put the force on tight deadlines and specific daily and weekly targets that have to be met at any cost. He wants the spillway excavation to be complete by January 2017 and spill channel excavation by May 2017, leading to powerhouse excavation that has been set at a deadline of March 2017.



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