CM Gives A Earful to Ministers and Bureaucrats About Going Cashless!!

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CM is not leaving anybody out of going digital, and this was lately proved at the government headquarters. At a meeting with the ministers and bureaucrats, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu was forced to give an earful to the group about something very important.

It all began when the CM asked the group for a show of hands on how many of the government officials were actually using the card instead of cash. To his surprise, there were not many hands seen raised in the air with pride.

“Not even 25 per cent of you are making cashless transactions. How will the country reform if you are like this? It will not,” Mr Naidu scolded the group of almost 200 officials who could not reply to the same.

That did not stop right there. The CM went on and on, scolding the officials. “That is the biggest challenge – Mindset. Your mindset has to change” he retorted

“A drunkard’s mind will not work if he doesn’t drink by evening. That gives him the kick, so he has learned to make cashless transactions” the CM reprimanded the team for their lethargy in going digital with payments.

The CM gave the best possible example of the liquor shops that are quickly adapting to demonetization and are actively going cashless with transactions. He was very obvious about being upset that his own team of ministers are way behind in the mission.

It is known that Mr Naidu is now heading the CM committee of 13 members under PM Narendra Modi. His inputs and suggestions on going digital have been highly commended by the center.



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