CM Expresses His Views About Donald J Trump

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CM Sri N Chandrababu Naidu barely speaks up with his views on the ongoing political scenario in the United States. The super power of the world is now seeing a war of sorts between two presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald J trump. For those who wonder as to whose side a leader like Naidu will be, his recent statements made it all loud and clear.

The Chief Minister expressed his views to the media soon after the sacred Pooja at Velagapudi on the opening of CM office. Mr Naidu shared that Trump’s statements reveal the prevailing leadership crisis in America. He stated that DJT’s comments on women were inappropriate.

“If you listen to what Trump says, you will understand the hollowness. Even a top-ranking nation like America is having a leadership crisis” said CM.

“Trump spoke badly about women… It sparked worldwide reactions. Women are inferior to none” he said.

Mr Naidu is planning a nine-day visit to the US next month to meet the non-Resident Telugus and request for their contribution for the ‘smart village’ program in the state. Interestingly, he may also meet few US senators and state Governors during his visit.

So now we all know who will receive him with flowers and red carpet and who will not. Interestingly, it remains to be seen if CM runs into DJT during his US visit.



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