Clay Ganesh Idol Distribution That is Making Vizag More Eco Friendly

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Nothing makes Ramesh Reddy more happier today. The Managing Director of Swathi Promoters, Vizag is on a mission to protect mother earth. The free clay Ganesh idol distribution that was started by them since last year has received massive appreciation and response. For Mr Reddy, the feeling is more of self contentment than anything else.

“Ever since the devastating Hudhud struck, we have vowed to strive and work towards protecting the nature. Clay idols are an attempt to safeguard mother earth against unwanted contamination and after effects. We want to bring out enough awareness in public about the need to safeguard the environment” he says.

The pioneers of Vizag real estate have taken the onus upon themselves to empower people. The task that began with sheer passion has picked up a tremendous momentum. “We gave away 12,000 idols last year, and this year, we are already touching the 26,000 number. People have given great response to the initiative” he says.

The clay distribution program has been going on across the city, at prime zones. Idols were distributed at Seethammadhara Welfare Association, Nakkavanipalem, Thatichetlapalem, Kancharapalem, Akkayapalem and other areas. Volumes were taken in chunks by the residents in great delight. “We couldnt have asked for a better reciprocation than that. We want as many people as possible to join the movement and support nature” Ramesh affirms.

The idols were given away in an organized manner by the Chairman of Swathi Promoters, M Krishna Reddy. Several guests of prominence were also invited to be a part of the program. With the festival just around the corner, the organizers want to give out maximum number of clay idols to the citizens of Vizag in order to spread the practice.

“Eco friendly Ganesha is the best option to celebrate an important festival like this. Using clay idols means less contamination of water, preserving the living condition and health of people” Reddy says.

Plans are to continue and keep going. “Next year, we are aiming at distributing 50,000 clay idols. People from the areas where distribution has not been done have been asking for more. This means that they are turning towards eco friendly measures, which is a good sign. We can proudly say that our efforts to change the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations from environmentally hazardous to eco friendly methods are paying off” Ramesh says with a satiating smile.



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