CII Partnership Summit 2016 – What to Expect for AP

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Just few days left for the landmark event that is about to happen in Visakhapatnam. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Partnership Summit 2016 will be hosted in the new state of Andhra Pradesh with fresh prospects and premise. The 22nd edition of the Partnership Summit will be held from 10th of January to 12th at the APIIC Ground, Harbour Park, Vizag.

Hon’ble Minister for Commerce and Industry, Ms Nirmala Sitharaman will be chairing the summit. AP Government will also be the ‘Partner State’ for this great initiative.

Embarking on a new journey, the CII Summit this time will dissect all the key focus areas of Andhra Pradesh, tapping the investment potential present within the state and presenting the same to the world at large.

The CII will provide a unique platform for the new state of Andhra, enabling direct interactions with investors, policy makers, industry leaders and the brands.

Here are the key focus areas of interest that CII would be looking at with close proximity, listing out all the viable avenues in the new state of Andhra Pradesh.

Motto – Ease of Doing Business

ease CII Partnership Summit 2016 – What to Expect for AP
It has to be noted that earlier, AP state government had released a dedicated handbook for the potential investors, called ‘Ease of doing Business’. Going with the same ideology and essence, Ease of doing business in AP would be largely concentrated on, with initiatives such as single desk portal for approval within 21 days and tailor made incentives for all the large scale projects. CII appears to be a promising forum where the investors will be enlightened about the convenience of establishing their business entities in Andhra, along with know how about the state’s rich resources.
Existing and potential investments and industrial hubs

ease1 CII Partnership Summit 2016 – What to Expect for AP
Year 2015 has been a remarkable one for the state, attracting business interests as well as sign ups coming from the players of all sizes. CM’s Japan tour proved to be a welcome wagon for many mobile manufacturers of national and international repute, who have opened their shops at the Tricity (Sri City and Tirupati’s new electronic hub). This apart, there has been a considerable traction across various sectors, with memorandums signed and agreed with companies into retail, manufacturing and services. The 2016 Summit will focus elaborately on existing as well as possible new investment opportunities and industrial hubs that are available within the state. Visakhapatnam Industrial Hub, Amaravati Industrial Hub, Tricity and the Hindupur Cluster will be looked at.

Driving Growth through Industrial Hubs and Corridors

ease2 CII Partnership Summit 2016 – What to Expect for APAfter citing the potential, driving growth and development will be the core agenda during this summit. The entire stretch of Hindupur cluster stands as a strong base to all the important ports of the state. Bhogapuram airport and the possibilities after the inception will be looked at, along with the Vizag Chennai Industrial corridor. There is evidently a lot of work to be planned, executed and delivered with the power of resources that are present in the region, both naturally and in the form of skilled man power.

Chennai – Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC), Area of Interest

ease3 CII Partnership Summit 2016 – What to Expect for APApart from the Vizag Chennai Corridor, the Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor will be avidly discussed during the 2016 Summit. Though very predictable with the incorporation of Chittoor and Anantapur in this particular corridor, it remains to be seen as to what inferences and outcomes will be derived.

Bengaluru Kurnool Proposed Corridor


ease4 CII Partnership Summit 2016 – What to Expect for APAn extreme area of anticipation for both the governance as well as the masses, CII aspires to conduct a special session on the proposed Bengaluru Kurnool Corridor during this summit.

Amaravati – Greefield Capital of Andhra Pradesh

ease5 CII Partnership Summit 2016 – What to Expect for AP

Amaravati will inevitably be the prime area of debate and discussion during the CII Summit this year. While the focus would be strongly on the finalised master plan and the way forward for the new capital city, it remains to be seen if the smart features of the city would be revealed in detail, along with the future plans for converting the people’s capital into a hub of economic diversity, employment, development and one of the top metropolis of the country.

The Key Focus Sectors that will be looked at would be

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Agro and Food Processing
  • Automobile
  • Electronics and IT
  • Energy
  • Mineral Based Industries
  • Life Sciences
  • Petroleum and Petro chemicals
  • Textile and apparel

What AP Commits to its Investors?

  • Large, Developed Industrial Land Bank
  • 24X7 Qualitative power supply
  • External Infrastructure
  • Industrial Water
  • Ease of Doing Business

What are our Policy Drivers?

  • Development of Clusters
  • Skill
  • Tailor made incentives on mega projects
  • Capital, interest and Power Cost Subsidies
  • Reimbursement of VAT/SGST/Stamp Duty

There is a lot that will be expected out of this year’s CII Summit, with Andhra Pradesh being illuminated with due recognition and a deserving exposition.



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