Chandrababu Naidu The Most Googled in China!!

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And if you thought that India’s most favorite king maker and tech savvy politician was renowned for his leadership only in America and Indian sub-continent, here is some interesting news. Brand Chandrababu Naidu is now reaching out far and wide, especially after Amaravati. It is already known that the AP Chief Minister is quite popular in the United States where a large number of Telugu people live. However, China seems to be new in the list to join the band wagon of his followers.

Google Trends have recently indicated that there are more searches for Mr Naidu in China than anywhere else. After India, China registers most number of searches on Google for Mr Naidu. China is followed by the United States, with searches topping from typical Telugu inhabited states such as New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, California and New York.

It has to be noted that Google was blocked in China since 2010 and was only recently restarted. Even during the period of blocking, the search engine was accessed through Virtual Private Network which allowed users to search for Mr Naidu. Hong Kong, the Special Administrative Region, is the top Chinese city to search for Mr Naidu through various search terms.

While there could be many speculations as to why Mr Naidu is the most searched in China, it cannot be left out that the recent business ties between AP Govt and leading Chinese companies to open shops in the state as well as amicable political affiliations could be two of the most prominent reasons.



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