Centre’s Sudden Focus on AP & The ‘One Plus One’ Offers

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The tide seems to be definitely shifting towards Andhra Pradesh. The long haul of persuading the Centre at Delhi now seems to be paying off with the ongoing developments happening within the state. Mr Chandrababu Naidu had time and again made several trips to New Delhi, holding elaborate discussions with the kingpins of the parliament. The inbred king maker went on about, marketing the rich natural resources and industrial potential of his dominion. Many of these heads spent time patiently, listening to CBN’s imploration for the special status grant, and later fell quiet without giving boo on the issue.

Mr Venkaiah Naidu, the Union Minister of Urban Development who made glorified promises on the special status before elections became a prime target for the masses when he could not keep up his promises later on. The state continued to try and attract as many investments as possible, planning and strategizing towards development, and not otherwise. There is still no word from the Central government regarding the Special fate for AP. However, new budding camaraderie and warmth coming from several union ministers extending sudden help in various ways is an interesting turn of events.

wtm3 Centre’s Sudden Focus on AP & The ‘One Plus One’ Offers

Things have started moving a bit ever since the Amaravati foundation ceremony, we dare say. Chief Minister’s brilliant reception of several dignitaries and his rhetoric speech on the way forward for the state fell on some ears, clearly. There are more visits now made from Delhi to Vijayawada, what with the brotherhood and the obvious bonding between the two Naidus being felt the strongest.

Mr Venkaiah Naidu is now seen attending maximum events, giving support to CBN. His willingness and push to the Centre, allowing allotment of close to 1,90,000 houses came as a pleasant surprise. In fact, Mr Naidu of the Centre had put in extensive efforts to make this happen, along with CBN and the officials of the Housing Department. His active participation is also being felt at several places, when the CM goes on unveiling grand museums and addresses large world congresses. Naidu plus Naidu is almost looking like a one plus one offer.

radha Centre’s Sudden Focus on AP & The ‘One Plus One’ Offers

Only few days ago, AP found great comfort in the Union Minister for Agriculture, Radha Mohan Singh. Mr Singh, who was extremely impressed and delighted at the many achievements of Andhra in the areas of fisheries and holding potential as the longest coastline, went on a granting spree. In a single day’s work, Mr Singh granted the most important agencies and aqua culture research centers to Andhra, also promising better Yojanas for the farmers in the state.

Whether this is ‘the’ Amaravati effect or a guilt trip, we cannot tell for sure. But it almost certainly looks like the centre is finally coming in line for Andhra’s needs at its most critical hour.




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