Center’s Support to AP – Slow and Steady

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Development is the new mantra for AP. Right from successful Make in India initiatives, digitization and e-governance to industrial boost, the state has been making a slow and steady progress towards greater prospects. The path is rough and unpredictable, but hand holding and help sure looks available and possible. The center may not have showered too many blessings on the state, but has been trying to pitch in every possible way.

The Government of India may not have granted the much promised special category to the state, but otherwise has been making all possible arrangements and contributions towards the uplifting of the bifurcated state. The projects are slowly pouring in, and the new dawn of the rise is here.

It is obvious that the center has been trying to pitch from way back. Let us go back in time last year, when the Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh made it a point to visit the state and interact with the farmers and traders. AP has been reckoned for its high productivity in the fisheries and aqua culture. and Singh had taken due note of the abundance as well as positioning. Several initiatives were planned around the same, with the center agreeing to develop a new National Breed Bank (NBB) within the state. Mr Singh also announced to establish Breeder Multiplication Centre for L-Vannamei (a popular variety of prawn), which will help produce more seed.

What had been going on in a gradual manner picked up the speed when the center tried to work around ways to address critical areas. The development and uplifting of electronics and mobile manufacturing hub at Tirupati and Sri City showcased to the center and the world that AP is fully capable of becoming the leading player, be it agriculture, electronics or manufacturing. The slow and steady progress with respect to the industrial boost and announcement of tax incentives to seven districts that hoard potential speaks of center’s ability to gauge and engage.

There have been hitches, doubts as well as cynicism when the state received special package instead of SCS in the recent times. However, it has to be understood that center is slowly concentrating on other prime avenues of the state, even though there is no immediate speed or outcome.

The digitization of the state and achievements in the areas of cleanliness and industrial avenues position Andhra Pradesh right in the prevailing circumstances. If the center continues to focus on the region and work parallel on the initiatives, greater outcomes can be emancipated.



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