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The nation is well aware of what had transpired in the last three weeks. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi has launched the biggest counter offensive of all time against corruption and black money. Demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes shook India in all probable ways. While the citizens have lauded the strategy, the country in totality is finding ways to address ground level issues surrounding availability of small currency and deficiency of liquid cash.

In such a scenario, the leaders across the states took to understanding ways to solve this public ordeal. On one hand, the opposition is trying to boycott Modi’s decision, while the rest are busy working on plausible solutions.

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu made quite an impact in the last three weeks. The CM took to suggesting some of the most innovative ways that will effectively address the ongoing problems. Naidu wrote three letters to Prime Minister Modi in the last three weeks, each letter discussing and suggesting better alternatives for the common man.

The CM came with some great ideas that will make the economy go completely cashless – he has actively implored public to go cashless and digital in Andhra Pradesh. AP, in the process has turned out to be one of the most digitally efficient states today, going cashless and setting an example. The ideas that have been implemented in several districts were well picked up by the rest of the states in the country. AP is the first to come up with great concepts that make even the smallest of transactions go digital. Eluru’s recent idea to implement token system at Raithu Bazaars is one such example.

This apart, Naidu also suggested to the Center ways to address cash crunch. His suggestions on introducing the token system at the bank counters have also been appreciated. CBN’s request to the center to supply small currency worth Rs 10,000 Cr made them think. The fact that the CM of Andhra is walking the path along with PM’s initiative and actively working on out of the box ideas to make things happen has been duly noticed by the central government.

It comes as no surprise that the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley called Mr Naidu to ask him to head the committee of 5 CMs on demonetization. Be it going digital, technologically advanced or proactively strategic on governance (count the emergency situations like Hud Hud), N Chandrababu Naidu had proved himself time and again that he is the man worth counting on.



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