Center Launches Aadhaar Pay, CBN’s Brainchild

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Yes, the Aadhaar payment app has been launched by the Government of India on the occasion of Christmas. This app will solve a lot of problems, particularly for the merchants who do not see the light end of the ongoing digitization. Aadhaar Payment App will use AEPS (Aadhaar enabled payment system)

The merchants can now start accepting the payments using just the Aadhaar number of the customers! The amount will then be debited from the Aadhaar linked bank accounts, ensuring safety, transparency of transaction and assurance to both the parties while concluding business.

The users can download the Aadhaar Payment App from Google Play

Directions to use Aadhaar Payment App


Login with your Aadhaar number if you are a merchant

Validate the aadhaar using fingerprint

Click on Aadhaar Pay to accept payment from a customer

Enter customer’s Aadhaar number

Enter customer’s bank name and amount

Select Yes to proceed

Validate the transaction with customer’s fingerprint

After authorization, the amount will be transferred from the customer’s to merchant bank account

Watch the below video in detail



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