CBN’s ‘Brahmastra IT’ For AP

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After the successful ramp up of the mobile manufacturing revolution in the state, Chief Minister Sri N Chandrababu Naidu has his eyes focused on his ever prodigal son – IT.

The state government has now decided to divulge complete attention towards bringing max IT investments, keeping a mighty target of close to 10,ooo Cr Rupees. To this effect, about 37 new IT set ups have been allotted lands to open their shops within the state.

Getting more IT investments into Andhra Pradesh is a strategic and a timely move for the state. Naidu’s past and present strong belief system in the power and potential of IT is universally known. His move to rely on IT investments has never gone wrong even in the past, considering the great success saga of Hyderabad’s Hi Tech City.

Tuning the new state of AP as a major IT destination is a powerful way of improving the economic productivity, particularly in the trying circumstances for Andhra. Some of the brilliant IT minds have originated from the land and the decision to divest all the attention to empower the existing skill with IT opportunities works wonderfully well in a two fold effect for the state.

Firstly, there would be a massive retaining of the promising IT talent within homeland. On the other hand, the presence of well established IT set ups will give an employment boost to the state, increasing the revenue prospects and engaging the creme of the resources.

A lot of IT companies swear by the brand CBN. This is currently evident with the prevailing winds of interest, with a lot of technology players wanting to invest in the new state. Already, the state govt is expecting close to Rs 10,000 Cr from the IT sector alone in the coming days.

The potential of employment with the arrival of these companies is estimated to be in the range of 3 to 14 Lakh people. AP govt has earmarked Vizag, Kakinada and Tirupati as the viable IT hubs. A smart move picking the future possible smart cities as prime destinations.

Mission IT has never gone wrong for Mr Naidu’s strategies in the building of new establishments. The weapon called IT is due to be ably used by CBN to sustain and aggregate the great talent present within the state, and needless to say, enhance the dynamics.




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