CBN Vs MSD – Five Common Leadership Traits

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Leadership styles may vary, but most leaders have few things in common. This despite the industry, the area and the scope. No matter where an effective leader operates, results show in their own course. Be it the world of business, politics or sports, the most efficient leaders are bound to have many things in common. That is the magic of a great leadership, precisely.

Chandrababu Naidu and MS Dhoni operate from two different worlds. They have a great age difference too. However, some of the qualities between these two important Indian personalities is uncannily the same. There is no denying the fact that these two leaders make a stark difference in the way things are done.

Here are five common leadership traits between CBN and MSD, and they are incidentally the most important of all the qualities a leader should have.

They both are Captain Cools

Delivering under extreme pressure comes naturally to these two. MSD has been constantly taking the heat of the situation in the first class cricket. Some of the outstanding wins and achievements an Indian captain has ever brought in, and still expectations continue to be unreasonably high. MSD continues to operate coolly, despite the changing moods and team performance. Same goes with CBN. New state of AP was handed to him without a capital city or money. Mr Naidu goes on about his task to build Amaravati, despite the prevailing cynicism and doubt.

They both Micro Manage Where Required

It is one of the most remarkable traits they both have. CBN is known for his excruciating micro managing, thanks to the current ironical conditions. He stays awake till 2 AM to finish all the tasks despite the age factor kicking in. MSD, on the other hand, keeps playing and leading. Captaincy has not deterred the man from delivering those critical knocks and helicopter shots.

They both Believe in Advancements

CBN believes in updated technology, and MSD believes in progressive thinking with the game. Cricket as a sport is forever evolving and so is the game of politics. Both have it in them to depend on what’s latest and what’s working, real time.

They both Give Space to Their Teams

MS Dhoni is an exceptional team player. He gives all the room in the world to his squad, enabling them a free hand and an eventual self-confidence. His team may delay, but they deliver. No mystery why. Mr Naidu lets his administration take the lead, while keeping a close watch. He never deters anyone from coming up with innovative ideas. In fact, the CM of Andhra Pradesh keeps taking notes from his teams, asking them their version of development.

They both Slog Towards Results

All that unrelenting hard work, pushing against the odds, doing their chunk of work – these great leadership factors show out loud and clear both in CBN and MSD. Mr Naidu had built a certain game changing Hi tech city with this approach, while MS Dhoni made his team win the coveted World Cup after 28 years!



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