Why is CBN Sending Off Shiv Nadar at The Airport So Important?

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HCL comes to Andhra Pradesh. No, that’s not news. Shiv Nadar gets inspired with the CM’s vision. Now, that is also old news. After a successful signing off of MoU with Nadar and HCL, CM Chandrababu Naidu made it a point to make the guests comfortable. Not only that, he had also personally accompanied Nadar to the airport while sending off. Now, what does that gesture mean?

This gesture means a lot in the world of business startups. When a client comes to invest in your shop, it is your personal responsibility to make him or her comfortable, appreciate their gesture to invest and respect their collaboration. HCL’s big move did not happen in a day. For an IT giant of such a gamut to come and invest in a yet to be settling state, lot of factors go into consideration. Investors do not just invest, they create jobs and uplift the economy.

Shiv Nadar and team have precisely banked first on brand Babu, and there is no denying that. This apart, the vision of Sunrise State is nothing short of stronger, clearer and impressionable goals.

The CM who loves IT will simply not leave the impact of technology behind. This is true of Babu, who has now enforced robust strategy mechanisms like real time governance and fiber optic cable to all. HCL is bound come join hands, the progressive leader that it is.

CBN’s gesture to have personally sent off Shiv Nadar at the airport sets a great example to the budding startups. The CEO of Andhra Pradesh sure is on a roll.



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