“CBN is the Vishwakarma of this Era” – Ananta Kumar

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The 22nd Edition of the CII Partnership Summit this year has turned out to be a show stealer, practically. Easily one of the landmark events for the new state and the way entire world looked at AP. It goes without saying that brand CBN was most praised throughout. The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N Chandrababu Naidu left no stone not turned to make the optimal use of this very important forum. And the results proved to be equally magnanimous. As grand as the visionary Naidu himself.

While on one hand it was the business that was being looked at, the world as such saw the dignitaries switch from pragmatic to overwhelm. There was a tinge of emotion added, as the leaders, politicians and industrialists in the country and the representatives from the world over mentioned Mr Naidu somewhere or the other in their speech.

Most of the remarks and statements made reflected the spirit of the event and the leader of the state. The usual rhetoric of ‘doer’, ‘achiever’, ‘leader’ and ‘visionary’ echoed. However, there were some remarks made that were totally cut apart and brought in the forceful essence of the Hindu mythology. These comments were made by none other than Ananta Kumar, the Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers.

After the minister declared educational revamps for CIPET Centre at Vijayawada and announced setting up NIPER in Vizag, he went on to share his connect with NTR. The Minister recalled his association with A.P. saying that his forefathers hailed from Anantapur, and that his family members are fans of NTR. He went ahead and translated what CBN stood for in the recent times.

The Minister stole the show on the last day at the CII Summit, quoting Mr Chandrababu Naidu as ‘Bhageeratha’ of the modern times who had interlinked the two mighty rivers and the ‘Vishwakarma’ who has envisaged the new Capital City of Amaravati. Such deep comparisons actually fetched applause from those who listened.





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